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Digital Fitness: Why You Should Work With an Online Fitness Coach

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

The digital space for fitness - and pretty much every industry - is growing considerably everyday. The fitness industry is in one of the best positions to transition into more of an online field, with many trainers and businesses already going that route. Even traditional in-person personal training is changing, with many coaches offering their services through various different types of products (apps, e-books, online coaching, etc). People who are looking for more value with less cost (money AND time) are starting to see that they have limitless options with a simple google search.

A Booming Industry

The fitness industry is an 87 billion dollar industry, and the number of fitness instructors and trainers is expected to grow by 13%. With more people now more than ever showing interest in their health & fitness, they are going to need face-to-face guidance to help them.

The only problem is, fitness training is a luxury. It's expensive. Most trainers doing one-on-one coaching are charging anywhere between $40-70 per hour. It sets up a barrier for those that can't afford it, which isn't fair; fitness IS for everyone.

The COVID-19 pandemic also made clear that maybe gyms aren't the safest place to be when something like a virus is on the loose. You should be able to keep up with your fitness goals even without a gym. Unfortunately, because so many gyms were closed, many gym-goers fell behind on their progress.

So for those looking for something that is affordable, reliable, and gives them the best value for their dollar, what should they turn to?

The answer to this frustrating problem could be online training.

Online Training: The Future of Fitness?

Personal training and small group training is great. I train clients in those exact settings, and it's awesome; some people need that face-to-face interaction and accountability. I've have badass, hard-working clients that told me, "If it weren't for this training, I wouldn't be working out."

Accountability is usually the biggest thing that helps people when it comes to training. Most people have trouble staying consistent with their workouts, and having a trainer helps keep them accountable.

Online training with a coach can provide that same value as an in-person coach. In fact, it provides more value than in-person coaching (for those that are right for it). The accountability is still there, with regular check-ins via email, video, and phone calls. Online coaches can also do form checks and basic assessments via video, and exercise programming is easy once we have some basic info on you and your goals.

The truth is, the only real difference between online training and in-person training is the face-to-face interaction. With that also comes overhead costs, and the loss of time (the most valuable resource), which drives up the cost of training. Training also is dependent on if your session can be scheduled. If the trainer is booked, you can't workout with them.

With online training you get the same value of accountability and programming, with way more flexibility (can be done anywhere, anytime), and the cost is much lower. It's also easier to reach the coach because online training requires good support systems to work. It also provides much more education rather than just telling you what to do, which is setting you up for long term success. Below we compare online vs in person training.

This is not to say that face-to-face training is bad. Again, it works for people who need in-person training. but if you find yourself more of an introvert, or just someone who is super busy and needs more flexible training, then online training can be what you're looking for.

So What Now?

Hopefully this post was informative, and gave you some direction if you are looking for some guidance with a trainer. In fact, I offer both in-person and online coaching, so if either are your fancy, we can get to work. If you're looking to loose a bit of fat, get stronger, and/or build a bit of muscle, all while bulletproofing the body against injury, then I might be your guy. If you want to learn more about training with me, click here.

Otherwise, I hope this helps. Share this article with others if you think it can help them, and read some more of my blog posts for other health, fitness, and mindset tips.

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