• Gabriel Davila

Motivational Monday: Strange Things Happen Near The Boundaries

This is a short motivational post. I'm going to try to put out more short motivational pieces.

The only reason I mentioned that above is because the title of this post is a statement made by Mr.Gleick in his book, and it resonated with me. Not because I'm a mathematician or scientist, but because it is near the boundaries that strange things happen.

At the edge of our own boundaries - or the limits of our comfort zone - we are often scared. It makes us uncomfortable. Why wouldn't it? We don't know what is past those boundaries, because we've never been there. But, getting close to those boundaries are when strange things happen.

Crossing Boundaries = Increased Growth

It's not always easy climbing over an obstacle. Whether that obstacle is a fence, a wall, or a mountain, it requires effort. But through that effort, you learn what you're made of. You might reinforce ideas that you had about yourself, and you might also find out things about yourself that you never knew. Those new things are the strange things that happen near your boundaries.

While overcoming obstacles and crossing boundaries into your uncomfortable zones will create short-term chaos and stress, when it's over (and it will be) you will be stronger for it. So be aware of those moments that put you near the boundaries, and be aware of the different ways you can attain growth from it.

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