When I first started working out I wasn't interested in a personal trainer - I had the internet and thought that could serve me just fine. I had no idea what a personal trainer would do for me and I am so glad that I decided to give it a try and found Gabe.


With Gabe's instruction and training I made the largest gains in my weight training since I began working out. With so much information "out there" it was a struggle finding what was best for me. He asked me what my goals were and made plans to help me achieve them.


He focused my training on the specific things I wanted and created routines for me that pushed me farther than I was pushing myself. In addition to creating a workout plan for me, he made sure that I knew how to properly perform each exercise. If I wasn't comfortable with something he was willing to change it for something else. Gabe definitely helped me achieve my fitness goals and I am so appreciative of that.

- Jacqueline E.

Dear Gabe,


Thank you so much for being a warm, welcoming and non judgemental coach! Each of your sessions definitely made me sweat, but most importantly they really made me enjoy coming to the gym and pushing my boundaries.  


Your kind and calm nature has definitely been one of your biggest assets as it motivates those you're coaching on a personal level. I certainly also enjoyed how you switched it up each time and took the time to explain and educate me on machine use, the use of body weight and how to improvise accordingly. 


Thank you for being inspiring and hospitable! I will definitely miss getting fit with you, but I'll look out for your online content! 

- Sean P.W.