Fitness Training For Life

Looking for fitness coaching that doesn't breakdown your body? I can help you bulletproof your body against injury and help you gain muscle and strength.

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Personal Training and Small Group Training

Looking for one-on-one or small group training in Aurora, IL and the surrounding areas? I might be your guy.


I work with:

  • young & adult athletes who are looking to perform well and avoid injury, so that they can keep playing the sport they love.

  • men and women looking to bulletproof themselves from injury, have general physical preparedness (because life throws curve balls), and to enhance their daily living.

  • people looking to burn fat AND build some strength & muscle. We won't become big bodybuilders, but I can help you get a lean, athletic looking physique.

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Online Coaching

Do you want to work with me, but the distance between us is too great? Whether you live halfway across the world, or a few hours away, online coaching is a great and exciting new way for mew to help you.

Why would this be a good option for you? Well, with no overhead and less physical interaction, training is much more affordable. Even though it's cheaper, you still get the same value as you would in-person. Think of me as your own personal fitness concierge.

This is for:

  • people who are super busy, and who needs flexible fitness coaching and programming. You could travel the world and I would be just a click away!

  • those that train at home, and would like to keep it that way. Maybe you have a home gym setup, and want the guidance of a trainer.

  • people who aren't the social type, and would prefer the option of virtual training. I'm an introvert myself, so this is a great option for us more solitary folk.

  • people who are dedicated. Even though I provide as much support as possible, I'm not there to make you do the work. You could be an advanced exerciser or a complete beginner, but you have to be dedicated and committed to this.

Nutrition Coaching

If you need help eating better, I also offer nutrition coaching. This can either be an add-on service if we are already training together, or as a separate service if you're just looking for nutrition coaching.

I don't give strict meal plans. We aren't eating the same boring and plain chicken and broccoli.

What I do:

  • give you meal recipes, and recipes for any type of eating (omnivore, vegan, etc).

  • work with you to find how much you should be eating, and following the right amount of calories and macros to get you where you want to be. We follow simple systems and have a plan when it comes to nutrition coaching, taking actionable steps towards you nutrition goals.

  • help you foster a good relationship with food (as most people don't). Food is life, and we should treat it with respect.

  • regular check-ins via Zoom, phone, and email